Monday, August 10, 2020



                       OWN’S SHOOT


n the ecosystem of life, one can never understand what it is meant by life may be hard  which actually it is but only recognized when the barrier to life tides that shields a young being is removed by time. This is only comprehended by those who have learnt and acquired life literacy, no matter over how many years, the only difference is the lessons.

As the best author in united states, Robert  Kiyosaki  recites  that the good world is fruitful and ready to provide for everyone but others think that this may apply by bringing others down. A persons head cannot be said and forced to be high by wounding other peoples neck because even if this happens the shoulders still remain high.

A person’s ability is laid between his/her ears and this is why identical twins with the same brain tend to have a bit of different reasoning. That’s why the question how did he think about it may for a while remain in peoples mind.

The only thing to be understood is that one cannot rise by cutting the shoots of others because it does not mean yours will double the rate of growth. Your light candle won’t shine more by blowing off for others. What gives someone a stride is what you want not what others have achieved. The most excellent thing is you dream for a rise for others and make sure you dream the best out of you.

Although some of the dreams are there for us to die clinging on them but most of them are achievable.


Wednesday, August 5, 2020



The nolstagia laid behind the terms experience and skills is yet to be out casted . In a local world, is it experience or skill that matters to adequately be able to assure your capability? In a world of educated elites questions are answered logically using stipulated findings by use of knowledge. Both experience and skill are acquired but they will never be innate ideas. We are told of what we are supposed to do, the technique formulates itself in mind where the skill of doing something is commenced. Skill is developed and over a period of time the experience on how to deal with the skill is developed. An experience without a skill does not exist and a skill without experience is undoable.

Sunday, March 29, 2020



Once incubated it has to hatch,  a foretold prophesy it must be fulfilled. It all started with fleek's and twinkles of letters in mind and now admirably able and willing to put it down on paper.
  Each and every persons life its like a mathematical question where you have to first find the formulae and drastically develop steps to generate the equation.
   So many people lose hope before they even think of the equation,  others rest when they acquire the formulae and very few when they get formulae they are able to work out and for the solution to work out for them.
    As long as elderly people were wise and i believe what comes out of anybody can be of great importance to a bit less initiated personnel. I believe a saying yet to be out campaigned narrating that the lower one becomes,  the more precise and cruel one becomes to the world.
    Education is not the key because if it was we could have just replicated it and acquire it with no further in do. What education does it provides a dais on how to counter conquer barriers towards success. Its also a form of encouragement towards pertaining what we were meant to be and this depends to which  level one has been encouraged. Poor auditors of their own life end up messing up with formulae generation.
     An end is more iconic than a start because the volume sounds louder and by so doing i visibly hope that its not mind only that has been educated but also the heart  as my former friend great author philosopher Aristotle puts it that" Educating mind without educating heart is no education."

Friday, March 13, 2020


                                        LIFE ALREADY ENTRENCHED
      As a human being,  it seems like the existence and occurrence of one self have a reason with no doubt of appearance. As part of young global educated youth,  i prefer to patiently and curdidly sitting down and narrate about history which can build up any ones peoples life by emulating the best,  evaluating the better,  reinventing the good and learning from the worst.
     First and foremost i would like each and every reader to acknowledge and develop the capability to accept the infinity of existence of finality. What this means is that no matter which state one is at any particular point there is always a step higher for him which its by ones will to accommodate. Born with 2kg weight there was a  step for me to acquire 50kgs. I went to primary school and a chance for high school was infinitely there.
     Now an undergraduate ready to graduate i can stand still as a mentor to the juniors who are ready to give it a step. What makes me confident its the statute built within me for the past years. For any well being personnel who want to  be successful you have to  overcome fear since you must let it go away or else you remain in the same position. I work to achieve my vision and have no worry because God will provide the provisions.
       According to Greek philosopher , George Berkley,  nature has order and order has principles. Education is not a miracle but more or less if it has to happen you must show urge to Supreme natural being for its to happen.
       Most importantly every educated elites  should not gauge his self worth depending on his appearance but the assertiveness of his dreams since they will be turned into a reality. Lets keep on keeping on until the day breaks and shadows flee away.
       In a nutshell for today would like to join my friend Prof P.L.O  that we stop thinking outside the box and we think without the box because after all it does not exist.


                         OWN’S SHOOT I n the ecosystem of life, one can never understand what it is meant by life may ...